About Us

At the Mastery Academy, our mission is to disseminate to the world classical knowledge in the field of Chinese metaphysics and arts.These teachings, previously shrouded in secrecy and available to only an elite, select few, are now structured and presented through classes that resemble modern-day university courses. The material can be easily learnt, understood, and mastered – by everyone.

For thousands of years, classical knowledge in Chinese metaphysics has been passed on from one generation to another through the system of discipleship. A venerated Master would accept only select individuals as his disciples, and through the years, informally pass on his knowledge and skills to these chosen ones.

This system served the purpose of restricting the transfer of knowledge to only worthy individuals, reinforcing its elite status and ensuring that no outsiders would have access to thousands of years of research and learning.

It also resulted in a lack of systematic teaching methods. The vast body of knowledge in Chinese Metaphysics was available only haphazardly, scattered among its practitioners and practiced in isolation. The discipleship system, no longer relevant in the modern day, endangers the continuity and development of knowledge and thought within the field.

We at the Mastery Academy believe that the knowledge of Chinese Metaphysics is powerful, constructive, and essential, and as such, much too valuable to be left to the annals of history.

Through the modern learning and teaching methods practiced in our Academy, these respected ancient arts and sciences can be propagated to a wider audience, and encourage a more extensive understanding and application of these subjects.