About Us

The Joey Yap Store is the premiere online destination for Feng Shui enthusiasts, beginners and students to get the Feng Shui resources they need. With over 182 titles of books and other Chinese Metaphysics-related products available for purchase, the Joey Yap Store contains a wide variety of titles on subjects like Annual Forecasting, Feng Shui, Qi Men Dun Jia, BaZi, Date Selection, Face Reading, Chinese Astrology, Yi Jing and other helpful Feng Shui tools.

The Joey Yap Store is one way how Dato' Joey Yap, the world-renowned Chinese Metaphysics expert and best-selling author, is able to share his classical knowledge and teachings to the world.

The Joey Yap Book Club is one the main entities that manages the Joey Yap Store. The brainchild of Dato' Joey Yap, The Joey Yap Book Club enables Dato' Joey Yap to reach out to his audience better by hosting discussions, announcing latest book releases and ground-breaking events, and sharing practical application tips and latest metaphysical discoveries - all in one place.

The Joey Yap Book Club is made for YOU and it is updated by The Joey Yap Team on behalf of Dato' Joey Yap.

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