• The Joey Yap Celestial Luo Pan 8.6" (Matt Black color)

This is the essential Luo Pan for every professional Feng Shui  and Qi Men Dun Jia practitioner and for students learning the skills. 

Feng Shui practitioners know that there can be no substitute for a good Luo Pan when it comes down to measuring land forms; incoming dragons and waterways. In order to accurately determine the exact effects the landforms will have on the residents of a particular area, precise measurements are needed to correctly analyse and tap into positive Qi. 

Beginners or those who have yet to master Chinese characters will be comfortable with this Luo Pan with its clear, extra-large English translations: 
the 24 Mountains, Early Heaven Ba Gua,  Qi Men 8 Deities, Qi Men 9 Stars, Qi Men 8 Doors, Arranging Dragon, Great Sun Formula amongst others. 

The Joey Yap Celestial Luo Pan is made out of poly-electric wood that is resistant to surrounding electromagnetic and environmental influences. The extensive use of formulas and principles, along with the high-quality materials used, ensures that users get the most exact readings each time. As such, it is the ideal tool for your Feng Shui practice.

It comes in a durable and trendy carrier case that protects the Luo Pan from light bumps and scratches, making it the ideal tool for regular use.

*This Luo Pan is an exclusive design of Joey Yap.

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The Joey Yap Celestial Luo Pan 8.6" (Matt Black color)

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