• Mian Xiang - Discover Face Reading

Everything about Yourself is Written on the Face

This book takes you through a guided journey in the ancient art of Chinese Face Reading or Mian Xiang. With superbly realistic 3D-like graphics and entertaining commentaries, this book is the perfect introduction to the powerful and immensely useful art of Face Reading. This handy reference is your go-to guide to read the faces of friends, family or strangers - with astounding accuracy.

What You`ll Learn
  • Learn the basics of Face Reading, including the 5 Officers, the 12 Palaces, and the 100-year map of the Face
  • Find out how the face not only reveals a person's fortune, but their abilities, personal characteristics and innate nature
  • Discover 'trade secret' Face Reading techniques, including how to utilise Multiple Position Reading techniques
  • Master practical, useful Face Reading applications that can be applied in your day-to-day dealings with people
Chapter Highlights

Chapter One: The Face Never Lies - The Power of Mian Xiang
Face Reading and its relationships with BaZi (Destiny Analysis) and Feng Shui explained.

Chapter Two: The Essentials of Face Reading
An important point of Face Reading - learning how to recognise face shapes - starts here.

Chapter Three: The 100 Positions
The 100-year map is your essential guide to everything you're required to know of on this ancient art. 

Chapter Four: The Twelve Palaces of the Face
The 12 Palaces govern the 12 aspects of a person's life. Explore what they are and what they represent.

Chapter Five: Do Moles Have Meaning?
A study of moles - and its negative and positive traits based on their location. 

Chapter Six: Faces Will Never Be the Same Again - Face Reading Applications
Apply what you've studied on people around you! Have fun reading faces.

Mian Xiang - Discover Face Reading

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