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Where Do I Put The Aquarium?

The aquarium has always been regarded as having a close, almost symbolic association with the art of Feng Shui. Through this handy how-to book, readers can waddle through the subject of Water Feng Shui and understand the role and influence Water played in classical Feng Shui. Also included is a super-easy, Feng-Shui-It-Yourself section on familiarising yourself with the best way to answer the ultimate question above.

What You`ll Learn

•The true role of Water in Feng Shui
•An introduction to the subject of Water Forms
•A concise, complete introduction to the subject of Water and Feng Shui
•All 16 Flying Star charts for Period 7 and Period 8 houses to show you the effective position to place your aquarium in your building
•Put to rest some Water myths which serve no viable purposes in Feng Shui

Chapter Highlights

Chapter One: An Introduction to Water and Feng Shui
The fundamentals of Water element in Feng Shui.

Chapter Two: Muddied Water – Water and Feng Shui Myths Addressed
Busting nine famous water-related misconceptions people generally have.

Chapter Three: Principles of Water
Zooms into several crucial bits of Water you ought to know.

Chapter Four: How to use this Book
These few steps are essential to ensure a smooth Feng Shui application.

Chapter Five: Homes Facing in Period 7
The best locale for aquarium in Period 7 property – from viewpoint of Flying Star Feng Shui.

Chapter Six: Homes Facing in Period 8
The best locale for aquarium in Period 8 property – from viewpoint of Flying Star Feng Shui.

Chapter Seven: Tricks of the Water Trade
There are plenty of things to consider, when it comes to the Water Business.

Your Aquarium Here

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