• The Yin House Handbook
Practical Guide to Burial Feng Shui
Whereas Feng Shui for living, or Yang House Feng Shui, affects only the residents of the property in question, Yin House Feng Shui has more far-reaching effects. A burial, good or bad, will impact several generations down the line. This book, with its reassessment of the age-old techniques, presents a hands-on guide on the way to set up a tomb using San He Feng Shui. Without breaking loose of the underlying theory, the method and techniques offered inside are adapted to match the modern environment for current application.
What You`ll Learn

•The importance of undertaking Yin House Feng Shui for burial
•Facing of the tomb - learn how to assess this by personalising it to your date of birth
•Common features around burial spots - and what are their effects
•The precise Date Selection technique needed to effectively carry out the burial event

Chapter Highlights

Part One: The Case for Burial Feng Shui
Expose the linkage between burials and its effects on the deceased's descendants.

Part Two: Setting Up A Facing
Discusses the setting up of the tomb direction.

Part Three: Personalising the Facing
Explore the key to personalise the facing of the tomb based on the compatibilities on date of birth.

Part Four: Ancillary Features
Explore the features - whether positive or negative - commonly found around a tomb.

Part Five: Date Selection
Assess the major component of burial - picking the right date.

The Yin House Handbook

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