• San Yuan Qi Men Xuan Kong Da Gua Compendium
A comprehensive guide to San Yuan Qi Men Xuan Kong Da Gua

 The San Yuan Qi Men Xuan Kong Compendium is a detailed book that integrates the studies and methodologies of both Qi Men Dun Jia and Xuan Kong 64 Hexagrams.
 This book also includes all the detailed references and application methods to the San Yuan Qi Men Xuan Kong Da Gua system all packed into ONE single volume for an easy read. The Compendium is an ideal source for committed students, practitioners and even masters wishing to study or teach San Yuan Qi Men Xuan Kong Da Gua
What You`ll Learn

•Comprehensive technical information on San Yuan Qi Men Xuan Kong Da Gua applications
•A thorough guidebook to the integrated San Yuan Qi Men and the Xuan Kong Da Gua system
•Detailed San Yuan Qi Men Xuan Kong Da Gua Chart Plotting Method revealed
•Explanations on the Xuan Kong Da Gua Structures, Changing Yao, Out of Gua, 7 Star Robbery and other essential methodologies
•Discussions on the various application methods of San Yuan Qi Men Xuan Kong Da Gua

Chapter Highlights

Chapter One: San Yuan
Develop an understanding of San Yuan and its unique view of time, space and universe on a cosmic level

Chapter Two: Fundamentals
Understanding the basics of Ying and Yang, the Five Elements, the 2 Cycles 8 Periods, the 3 Cycles 9 Period and Ba Gua
Chapter Three: Xuan Kong Five Elements
Learn about how the Xuan Kong Da Gua derives its Elements from the He Tu

Chapter Four: Xuan Kong Period Luck
Elaborates on the 8 Hexagrams governed by the Flying Stars and how to read the hexagrams

Chapter Five: Xuan Kong Da Gua 60 Jia Zi
Gain a strong foundation in basic Qi Men chart plotting methods

Chapter Six: Qi Men Dun Jia
Teaches you how to grasp the basic terminologies of the Qi Men Dun Jia system before plotting your Chart

Chapter Seven: Plotting the San Yuan Qi Men Xuan Kong Da Gua Chart
Elaborates the technicalities of plotting a San Yuan Qi Men Chart

Chapter Eight: The 64 Hexagrams
Find out the relevance and meaning of the Hexagrams

Chapter Nine: Understanding the 64 Hexagrams
Develop a firm understanding of the 64 Hexagrams in Xuan Kong Da Gua

Chapter Ten: Xuan Kong Da Gua Structures
Teaches you how these Structures are configured into a specific Chart

Chapter Eleven: Direct & Inderict Spirit
Learning to form a configuration in accordance with the application of the Direct and Indirect Spirit

Chapter Twelve: The Changing of Yao
Find out how to perform a minor directional adjustment and create a new Xuan Kong Da Gua connection

Chapter Thirteen: Out of Gua
Learn how to apply your personal Out of Gua directions to minimize the negative influences

Chapter Fourteen: Xuan Kong Da Gua Applications
Teaches you how to use the three major applications in establishing a Qi connection between the Heaven, Earth and Man

San Yuan Qi Men Xuan Kong Da Gua Compendium

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