• The Power of X : Analysing the 10 Gods (Book 4)

It All Begins and Ends with 10 Gods

The fourth instalment to the popular BaZi Destiny Code Series continues the tradition of going one step further in analysing the Code of Destiny – this time with an understanding of a person's character through the 10 Gods. From the principles of 10 Gods and Favourable and Unfavourable Elements, Joey Yap shows his reader what it takes to truly take on BaZi-driven actions for success and happiness in life and personal endeavour.

What You`ll Learn
•How the 10 Gods interface with Persons, Places and Matters

•The principles of Favourable and Unfavourable Elements, and how to administer them with an action-driven manner

•Progressive methods for your own BaZi Chart analysis affixing the Favourable and Unfavourable Elements and the 10 Gods

•Analysing Wealth, Career and Relationship matters mediated by the Favourable and Unfavourable Elements and the 10 Gods

•Developing BaZi-driven actions towards success and happiness in your personal endeavours
Chapter Highlights

Chapter One: Are We There Yet?
The Inception to BaZi and the 10 Gods.

Chapter Two: The 10 Gods - Persons and Places
The Framework of Persons and Places, and how their Relevance correlates to the 10 Gods.

Chapter Three: Matters and the 10 Gods
Building the fundamental qualities of the 10 Gods in order to define the very essence.

Chapter Four: Favourable and Unfavourable Elements Revisited
A take to determining the Favourable and Unfavourable Elements and how they contribute to the Five Elements.

Chapter Five: Applying Favourable and Unfavourable Elements and the 10 Gods - Walk Through
A step-by-step approach to applying the principles of Favourable and Unfavourable Elements.

Chapter Six: Action, Refined
Put the layers of accuracy, insight and knowledge about the 10 Gods through reinforcements of actions and executions.

Chapter Seven: Using the 10 Gods & the Principles of Favourable and Unfavourable Elements for Relationship, Wealth and Career Matters
Expand your BaZi analysis skills and gain pervasive perspectives of your Wealth, Career and Relationship prospects, issues and challenges.

Chapter Eight: Say it with me - Quality, Quality, Quality
Connect the dots, link the lines, and get on with life.

The Power of X : Analysing the 10 Gods (Book 4)

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