• Face Reading Essentials - Eyebrows
Face Reading Essentials - Eyebrows

Every Face Has a Story to Tell

The ancient practice of Mian Xiang is now condensed into easy-to-digest nuggets of information. If you've ever wanted to know more about people in general, and why we have such vastly different personalities, perceptions, and reactions, Face Reading is the first captivating step in a journey that will reveal plenty of interesting insights.


What You'll Learn:
  • How to read your own face and those around you to better understand each other's personality and destiny
  • Uncover the story behind each facial feature, and the face as a whole
  • Decipher individual's personal story with an illustrated guide
Your eyebrows can reveal to you the level of your drive and willpower, your fundamental principles in life, and what kind of relationships you're likely to have with your loved ones.
Chapter Highlights

Part One: Basic Eyebrow Shapes
Discover what your eyebrows tell you.

Part Two: Unique Eyebrow Shapes
Uncommon eyebrow shapes, like Hook Eyebrow and Ghost Eyebrow, and their hidden meanings.

Part Three: Animal Shape Eyebrows
Whether Tiger Eyebrows or Silkworm Eyebrows, deciphering these shapes can reveal fascinating things about yourself.
What You`ll Learn
Chapter Highlights

Face Reading Essentials - Eyebrows

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