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Eight Mansions - Feng Shui for the Family Home
The keystone classics of The Eight Mansions system, Bazhai Mingjing is an indispensable resource for any serious practitioners and student who are keen on deepening their understanding on classical Feng Shui. In this book, discover how to apply and practise the verbatim translation of over 30,000 Chinese characters, with notes and supporting materials, into advancing the health, wealth and children of a household.
What You`ll Learn

•A fully translated and annotated Bazhai Mingjing, as a reliable point of reference in your study of Classical Feng Shui
•Understand the basic energy map of the property and enable proper use of the internal sectors of the house
•Boosting your knowledge of Chinese Metaphysics through an ancient Feng Shui study

Chapter Highlights

Scroll Upper Sections
Expanding on the fundamentals of key subjects. Also, decipher the relationships between the Gua and the star.

Scroll Lower Sections
The stars and their effects on their palaces are uncovered. Boost your knowledge also on the subject of Purple White stars in the later section.

Eight Mansions Bright Mirror

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Eight Mansions Bright Mirror

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