• Joey Yap's Feng Shui Luo Pan 4.2

Joey Yap Feng Shui Luo Pan

The essential tool for the Feng Shui enthusiast, the Joey Yap Feng Shui Luo Pan is the perfect portable compass for beginners and practitioners alike for daily audits at home or on-site. 

Relevant formulas are integrated into the rings of this nifty little tool. One may consult this compass for multitudes of Feng Shui schools, from the basic applications of Xuan Kong (or Flying Stars Feng Shui), to Eight Mansions Feng Shui, San Yuan Feng Shui (internal Feng Shui) and San He Feng Shui (landform Feng Shui). This Luo Pan makes an immediate reference point when analyzing a site, and when prescribing correctional remedies.


Beginners or those who have yet to master Chinese characters will be comfortable with this Luo Pan with its clear, extra-large English translations. Made from quality poly-electric wood, this Luo Pan is guaranteed to last a lifetime and is meticulously engineered for accuracy and reliability for each and every one of your audits.


The Joey Yap Feng Shui Luo Pan is convenient and travel-friendly, and comes with a black waterproof faux-leather casing. This Luo Pan is an exclusive design of Joey Yap. 

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Joey Yap's Feng Shui Luo Pan 4.2

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