• Feng Shui Essentials - Xuan Kong 9 Life Star - SET of 9 books
Feng Shui Essentials - Xuan Kong Nine Life Star Series Box Set

A Blueprint for Personalised Feng Shui

The Xuan Kong Nine Life Stars methodology refers to the People component, which allows you to understand a person from a Feng Shui perspective - how the environment influences a person. Each book in this series focuses on a particular Life Star and provides you with a detailed Feng Shui guide. This is your basic starting point towards fulfilling and shaping your attitudes toward key aspects in life like career, romance and health.
Complete the series with this collector-worthy box set.

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What You'll Learn:
  • Life Star's basic characteristics and how you operate in matters of career, wealth, relationship, and a health overview
  • Favorable and Unfavorable personal directions
  • Bed Alignment Directions
  • Best Floors (for high-rise living)
  • Detailed guide to how the Xuan Kong Nine Flying Stars will affect your personal Life Star when it flies into a particular sector of your home or office
  • Life Star's compatibility with other Life Star individuals
  • A complete understanding of all Nine Life Star to boost your study and application
This complete Xuan Kong Nine Life Star Series Box Set comprises of:
  • 1 White Life Star
  • 2 Black Life Star
  • 3 Jade Life Star
  • 4 Green Life Star
  • 5 Yellow Life Star
  • 6 White Life Star
  • 7 Red Life Star
  • 8 White Life Star
  • 9 Purple Life Star
What You`ll Learn
Chapter Highlights

Feng Shui Essentials - Xuan Kong 9 Life Star - SET of 9 books

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