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The Tong Shu or Chinese Almanac has been the definitive tool and guide that people have used to select the best dates for the significant events in their lives for centuries. If it is not being consulted when someone is trying to determine an auspicious day to carry out an important activity, it is at the very least checked so that they can ensure that the random day chosen is not a bad one. This is because Date Selection plays a crucial part in helping to guarantee the success or effectiveness of the undertaking in question.

What You`ll Learn

Adapted from Joey Yap’s Annual Tong Shu Diary, the 2021 Tong Shu Calendar is easy to use and contains key information such as:

• a daily guide to suitable and unsuitable activities for 2021

• a guide to Feng Shui afflictions and influences for 2021

• a monthly astrology guide for all 12 animal signs

• a monthly Flying Stars Feng Shui guide

• a daily Flying Stars Feng Shui guide

• an all-in-one Chinese Solar, Lunar and Western Gregorian calendar for 2021

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Tong Shu Desktop Calendar 2021

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