• The Art of Lion Dance

The first book from the new Joey Yap Cultural Series

Despite its popularity as a form of cultural entertainment and competitive sport, the Lion Dance has a mystical aspect which is often not told and it is only known by the most traditional masters of the art. Now, for the first time, Joey Yap’s The Art of Lion Dance will lift the veil and bring to light the metaphysical elements, rich cultural history and symbolism behind the ancient dance.

What You`ll Learn
  • Explore the folklores and development of the Lion Dance through many periods of Chinese History
  • Find out about the many different components that come together to create a Lion Dance performance
  • Learn about how the Lion Dance is used to usher in good fortune and dispel negative energies
  • Discover the metaphysical aspects of the Lion Dance and how Qi Men Dun Jia is incorporated to activate positive energies or negate ill fortunes
  • Get to know the significance and purpose behind the steps and various symbolic formations of a Lion Dance performance
Chapter Highlights

Chapter 1 : Introduction to The Art of Lion Dance
Find out where this ancient art began and the rich history surrounding its origin

Chapter 2 : The Lion and The Craft
Discover the making of the lion from its head to its tail

Chapter 3: The Art of Lion Dance
Get to know the different arts of the Lion Dance

Chapter 4 : Lion Dance Traditions and Practices 
Learn the ‘dos and don’ts’ when it comes to this ancient art 

Chapter 5 : Qi Men Methodologies in Lion Dance
Get to know what connects Qi Men Dun Jia to Lion Dance

Chapter 6 : Hiring a Troupe for Qi Men Lion Dance
Understand on the criteria of selecting a Lion Dance Troupe

The Art of Lion Dance

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