• BaZi Structures and Structural Useful Gods - Fire

The Perfect Partner to Your BaZi Study

This book is the needed companion in your effort to better understand how BaZi structures are devised and read traditionally. Along the way, you'll also acquire the skill to analyse and interpret these structures on a deeper level, from the viewpoint of ancient methodology of this highly-precise art. This handy reference also included transliterated versions of traditional texts in keeping up with today's increasing number of English-speaking Chinese Metaphysics enthusiasts.

What You`ll Learn
  • The attributes of Bing and Ding Fire respectively in each of the 12 months
  • The Regulating Useful God Reference Guide for each of the 12 months
  • Detailed classical commentary on the factors affecting the overall strength of the Day Master in the different months
  • Additional attributes that may affect the Day Master depending on different Structures and Useful Gods
  • A summary for each month for Bing and Ding Day Masters respectively
Chapter Highlights

Part A: Bing Fire Day Master
Bing Fire Day Master's function in each month of a year are discussed and explained with clear tables and notes. 

Part B: Ding Fire Day Master
Elaborates with detailed commentaries the attributes of Ding Fire in twelve-month period of a year.

BaZi Structures and Structural Useful Gods - Fire

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Publication DateJuly 2009

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