• Unlock Your Voice – The Secrets to Singing
Unlock Your Voice - The Secrets to Singing

Everyone can sing. It's just a matter of unlocking your voice.

Unlock Your Voice by Janice Yap helps a singer understand how his or her voice works, the basics needed to support the voice as a musical instrument and how to overcome various vocal problems often encountered in singing.

Whether a beginner or experienced, this book guides a singer on how to improve vocally and musically, while helping him or her tackle vocal problems effectively. This book can be used as a full manual on how to improve one's voice thoroughly and it can also be used as a quick guide on how to 'fix' specific vocal problems.

What You'll Learn:
  • Improve your musicality (pitching and tempo)
  • Discover and expand your vocal range
  • Sing high and low notes with power and impact
  • Improve your vocal connection and increase vocal flexibility
  • Understand and build a good foundation in singing (posture, breath control and healthy vocal warm-up routines)
Chapter Highlights

Chapter One – Understanding the Voice
Learn how the voice works, what makes your voice unique, and how it is a musical instrument of which you can control, improve and master.
Chapter Two – How to Use this book
Use this book in ‘The Complete Way’ or ‘The Direct Way’ – the former being a comprehensive guide on how to improve your singing from all angles while the latter helps you to address an identified issue directly.
Chapter Three – Basic “Must-do’s” before tackling problems
Learn and master the three basic things a singer must first practice as the foundations to healthy singing.

What You`ll Learn
Chapter Highlights

Unlock Your Voice – The Secrets to Singing

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