• Joey Yap's  San Yuan Luo Pan 8.6 (Carbon Black color)
This is an essential tool for every professional Feng Shui practitioner applying San Yuan Feng Shui techniques in their daily practice.

From the basic applications of Flying Stars and Xuan Kong to the more advanced Xuan Kong Da Gua (64 Hexagrams), the Luo Pan makes an immediate reference point when analysing a site and prescribing correctional remedies. All the relevant formulas you will need for your application are built into the rings of the San Yuan Luo Pan. For easy understanding and to ensure that even beginners starting out will find themselves comfortable with this Luo Pan, the 24 Mountain Ring, the Early and Later Heaven Ba Gua and the 24 Season Rings are translated into English.

Made from polyelectric wood that resists electromagnetic and environmental influences and accompanied by a black carrier bag that protects your Luo Pan from light bumps and scratches, the Joey Yap's San Yuan Luo Pan 8.6 has been engineered with highly precise specifications to ensure accuracy, reliability and user-convenience - all in one.
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Joey Yap's San Yuan Luo Pan 8.6 (Carbon Black color)

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