• Joey Yap's Compact Zong He Luo Pan 4.2
Joey Yap's Compact Zong He Luo Pan

Joey Yap's Compact Zong He Luo Pan combines the formulas of both the San He and San Yuan schools of Feng Shui in a small, lightweight Luo Pan that is just ideal for the travelling and on-the-go practitioner. No Feng Shui practitioner wants to be without a Luo Pan, and this Compact version allows you accurately and precisely measure landforms, incoming dragons, and waterways of any of the places you visit.

This Luo Pan is meticulously crafted out of poly-electric wood that is resistant to surrounding electromagnetic and environmental influences, giving you an accurate reading every time regardless of external conditions. A smooth and polished surface gives you ease and comfort of use every time.

Joey Yap's Compact Zong He Luo Pan comes in a sleek black case that protects it from any external effects. Slip it comfortably into your travel bags or carry it around with you for daily use for the ultimate in comfort that doesn't sacrifice technical accuracy and precision.
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Joey Yap's Compact Zong He Luo Pan 4.2

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