• Chinese Traditions & Practices + The Art of Lion Dance

Get Both For The Price of 1 - Embark on the next thrilling voyage into ancient Chinese #customs: ‘Chinese Traditions & Practices’ - Book 2 from the much-anticipated Cultural Series by Dato’ Joey Yap. It's time to revisit the past and go back to basics! You’ll definitely want to pick up this must-have guide that’ll answer all your burning questions about a variety of #Chinese cultural practices and traditions.

Get to know everything from planning a traditional wedding, celebrating a child’s rites of passage, performing time-honored house moving rituals and MORE in this new release! While you're at it - don't miss out Book 1 from this Cultural Series,  The Art of Lion Dance - which is basically the encyclopedia of all things related to the ancient Chinese practice that is, Lion Dance. Discover the metaphysical aspects of the Lion Dance and how Qi Men Dun Jia is incorporated to activate positive energies or negate ill fortunes, and explore the folklores and development of the Lion Dance through many periods of Chinese History.

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Chinese Traditions & Practices + The Art of Lion Dance

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