• 2024 - Tong Shu Weekly Diary
For centuries, the Chinese Almanac or Tong Shu has been pivotal in the planning of day-to-day life. Decisions ranging from the forecasting of an individual’s luck for the day to assisting in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrological calculations for the year are made based on it. It is still widely used today in the selection of appropriate and auspicious days for almost every important activity including ground-breaking ceremonies, marriages, product launches, office openings, house renovations and move-ins.
In this fast-paced age where decisions need to be made quickly, this Weekly Tong Shu Diary will give you an added advantage as all the information of the Tong Shu has been packaged into this yearly planner together with a compilation of Joey Yap’s extensive knowledge of Feng Shui and BaZi (Four Pillars). Additionally, it contains references for professional practitioners of Chinese Metaphysics. The information in the Diary is calculated using the 28 Constellations and the Heavenly Stars methods which are the time-tested systems used in writing the traditional annual Tong Shu.
By putting all the necessary information at your fingertips, the Weekly Tong Shu Diary has proved itself to be the only organising companion you will need for the entirety of 2024!

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2024 - Tong Shu Weekly Diary

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Publication DateNovember 2023

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