• The BaZi Road to Success

They say the road to success is paved with hardship - but did you know a mere 8-digit birthdate could help you help you better anticipate both, success and hardship, in your life?

The BaZi Road to Success explains your journey in life through a chart that is obtained just from looking at the date you were born and its connection with key BaZi elements.

Your Day Pillar, Hour Pillar, Luck Pillar and Annual Pillar all come together to paint a BaZi chart that churns out a combination of different elements, which the book helps interpret. From relationships, career advice, future plans and possibility of wealth accumulation - this book covers it all!

What You`ll Learn

- Learn the 5 different Art of Chinese Metaphysics
- Find out how the 10 Gods influence people's personalities
- Examine how the 10 Heavenly Stems relate to certain individuals' future
- Discover the 5 Basic Relationship Types (Combination, Punishment, Clash, Destruction & Harm)

Chapter Highlights

1. It is the Best Time to Learn
2. The Ocean is Deep
3. The Tools & The Man with Tools
4. It is all about the Relationships
5. The 10 Elements of the Choosen one
6. We all have different purposes in life
7. Dealing with Information overlead
8. Are you ready for a bumpy road ahead?
9. When the rubber hits the road
10. Identifying Wealth Prospects
11. Identifying an intelligent person
12. Are you a woman looking for a partner?
13. Are you a man looking for a parnter?
14. Identifying power and authority
15. Is Your job being threatned?
16. Identfying an opportunity to move
17. Identfying an inheritance opportunity
18. Identifying sales talents
19. Are your investments at risk?
20. Is Your public image at risk?
21. Identfying new career opportunities
22. Identifying public recognition
23. Identifying creative talents
24. Identfying an introvert
25. Identfying an extrovert
26. The BaZi Road to Success

The BaZi Road to Success

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