• Qi Men Dun Jia The Stars

The study of Chinese Metaphysics makes a lot references to celestial objects, much like the 9 Stars which are based ob stars known since ancient times. It is widely accepted that timing plays a large part in a person's successes and failures, and it is the Heavens that dictate the right time it happens.

The ancient Chinese developed an acute interest in the Big Dipper, and had practical uses for the Stars within that asterism. Many Chinese spiritual beliefs arose about the Stars and their connection to the changing seasons of the Earth.

Throughout history, people have noticed and written about these stars under different names. For the first time, Qi Men Dun Jia  : The Stars brings together a wealth of information on the 9 Stars. Tap into the various applications of Qi Men Dun Jia and discover how to recognise and interpret the guides and wisdom presented by these Stars. Gain a deeper understanding of one's self and the surrounding world while connecting to a practice that has been around  for centuries.


What You`ll Learn
  • Determine the positions of the 9 Stars within the Big Dipper asterism and their influences accross cultures and history
  • Comprehensive references and technical information on Qi Men Dun Jia applications using the 9 Stars
  • Explore the attributes and traits of the 9 Stars as they govern over various aspects of life such as personality, career, relationships, health and wealth
  • A wide range of reference materials with detailed descriptions and information on the 9 Stars
  • Inspirational personalities connected with the 9 Stars in their Destiny Charts
  • Complete illustrations of the 9 Stars personified as well as their associated myth and legends
Chapter Highlights
1. Plotting a Qi Men Chart and Referencing Material in this book
2. Introduction and History of the Qi Men 9 Stars
3. The Heavenly Grass
4, The Heavenly Grain
5. The Heavenly Destructor
7. The Heavenly Assistant
8. The Heavenly Bird
9. The Heavenly Heart
10. The Heavenly Pillar
11. The Heavenly Ambassador
12. The Heavenly Hero

Qi Men Dun Jia The Stars

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