• Yi Deck Cards
Yi Deck Cards

Yi Jing, or the Book of Changes, is the ancient Chinese science of divination. Originally began as a book on philosophy - where Yi means "change" and Jing means "classics" or sutra - it was later developed as a divination science. For centuries, Yi Jing has been used as a predictive approach to derive outcomes based on the scenarios encountered.

Developed by Joey Yap, this deck of Yi Cards enables you to conduct Yi Jing divinations using the card method. Each card displays a Hexagram, along with its simplified interpretation according to categories like General Luck, Wealth & Career, Relationship, Business, Family, Legal Matters, Examination, Travel, Health and Lost Property. It also includes information on Business Opening, Weather and Nobleman.

This Yi Cards: The 64 Hexagram Simplified Yi Jing Card Deck includes:
  • A 64-piece deck of Yi Cards
  • 6 pieces of Changing Gua cards
  • 8 pieces of Basic Gua cards
  • A User Guide booklet with instructions to card divination methods like One Card Method, Ba Gua Method, Dual Direction Method and Time Series Method
The Yi Cards makes a great complement to the expansive study of Yi Jing.
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Yi Deck Cards

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