• Qi Men Dun Jia Strategic Executions of the 100 Formations

Executing the Right Strategy with Qi Men Dun Jia

Joey Yap has put together an essential reference for performing an accurate and instantaneous Strategic Execution with the help of the 100 Qi Men Heavenly Stem Formations. With this book, know which strategy to take at any given time and get ahead to obtain the most desired results in life. Packed with concise information and easy-to-refer tables and guides, this systematic reference is all you need to engineer a successful outcome for all important life pursuits.

What You`ll Learn

•Essential reference for the Qi Men Strategic Executions through the 100 Stem Formations
•Specific Strategic Executions scenarios outlined with detailed explanations and forecasted outcomes based on different Stem Combinations in a chart
•Step-by-step guide on how to obtain the right analysis for your assessment
•Excellent reference companion for students or professional practitioners of Qi Men

Chapter Highlights

Chapter One: Brief Introduction to Qi Men Dun Jia
Get to know the fundamentals of Qi Men in its integral section on Qi Men history, methodologies and applications.

Chapter Two: Business & Investment
Determine various outcomes related to business and investment matters by analysing the Stem and Stem combinations.

Chapter Three: Love and Relationships
Based on the reading of different Formations, find out the outcome to various matters related to romantic endeavours and marriage.

Chapter Four: Scholarly Pursuits
Investigate the many outcomes related to academic activities - from examinations, study style, and level of difficulty in a test.

Chapter Five: Health
Gain prior knowledge on matters related to health and do the necessary preventive measures to minimize the effects of the illness.

Chapter Six: Leisure and Recreation
From outdoor activities to cultured pastimes, find out what leisurely activities would bring the most benefit to you and your family in this section.

Qi Men Dun Jia Strategic Executions of the 100 Formations

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