• Qi Men Desktop Calendar 2019
A Must Have for Tactical Individuals

This Desktop Calendar is designed to effortlessly allow its user to apply Qi Men in their everyday lives. It is the perfect guide for home and office use which can be applied in many various forms of Qi Men Dun Jia applications under the Joey Yap system such as Feng Shui, Destiny Analysis, Spiritual Qi Men, Warcraft and Forecasting.

Each day is marked with the Day Officer of the Day, Daily sitting directions for the Qi Men elements, Solar Day of the Month and its Daily Pillar. When coupled with any book from Joey Yap’s Qi Men series, you can fully maximize its full potential to bring out the best every day in 2019.
What You`ll Learn
  • Daily guide to suitable and unsuitable activities for 2019
  • Monthly Astrology Guide for all Twelve Animal Signs
  • All-in-one Chinese Solar, Lunar and Western Gregorian Calendar for 2019
  • Perfect to use when considering best possible strategy for your everyday endeavors
Chapter Highlights
  • Seasoned practitioners and apprentices of Qi Men Dun Jia to make informed decisions
  • An easy and convenient reference, perfect for busy individuals who wishes a balanced active lifestyle
  • Families looking into juggling a healthy set of dates with important family decisions
  • Important business professionals in need of quick reference before embarking on an important conclusion

Qi Men Desktop Calendar 2019

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Publication DateSept 2018

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